Sunday, December 21, 2014

Coming Soon Dangerous with a new look on life

Dangerous is back with  some new  friends and some old one  too
Just  sit  back and listen and  might Learn something .

Dangerous haves  no  worries about his  life  now. He lives his  life  to the fullest  now

Thursday, November 13, 2014

What do your dream look like

In your dream you can do everything
On one can say what your dream was  but you

On one can kill your dreams
With out dream what is hope?

All your dream can come true 

To do that is to do you and work hard be the best in all you do al day every day


You most trust someone
Telling Something that people don't
Know about you the key to trust
Is. To be nice
Trusting Someone with  abig
Thing  You need to have known them for along time
Trust is not like  run a game 
It to have ago friends and love
You most have trust to

Find a good way talk to people

If they don't trust you they most don't know or just don't like you 

Trust you most learn so you can be  Happy

Do you get a kiss good bye or a kiss for Just being yourself

What will  a kiss good bye 
Look like is hot  cold
Who is it from your mother, farther , grandmother or your girlfriend

Who knows this

Just think about it 

Now think about this
A kiss for just being your self

I know what  you  are thinking 
Your  girl friend /boy firend

I your may be different
From my 

It Something to thing about this daily

How do a Angel look to you

Is it boy or a gril

Do have black wings

While one's

Are there big or littler

Is it some you know
Saw before in  your life

Someone you see everyday

If you saw one right now?

What will  it say  to you
What will you say to them

We don't know
Some will know
But Angel will always be there
To put you ups went you need them
To youjust don't see them but

They are there always look over you
With all your love one too

You just have to believe sometimes

Dear mother

I know we don't talk or talk about how my life is going or how I am feeling

I went  just me and  you  Just talk about stuff

Stuff I haven't told on one  about

Here just think we are not different if you know it or not
You know I love you always!

I don't always show it  I hope you know it it's there
I want to be like my sister come and tell everything

That happened to me and other stuff

I want to tell you about my girlfriend and how we are doing our ups and downs
How I feel about my life right now

I just think about you more then you know 

Ps I just hope  you read this one  so you know about your 1st born  and how I feel about everything  I will know if you read it or not

Love always your 1st born son